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Commerce Press are your print professionals. We design, print, package, warehouse and deliver, offering a complete range of quality print services for you and your business.

Whether you’re printing business cards or a corporate brochure, we’re committed to providing you with:

  • continued personalised service
  • the best quality product
  • And the most competitive prices.

And most importantly, we treat every job – no matter what size – with equal importance. Why? Because we know it is important to you.

Helping you improve your business

Our print service goes beyond just printing. To help you improve your business, we:

  • analyse and audit your print needs
  • keep records of your print activity and stock levels
  • call ahead when you’re low on supplies
  • offer the right advice on mail packaging and print distribution
  • And deliver exactly what you need, on time, every time.

Let us be one step ahead and make life easier for you. Contact Commerce Press to see how we can help your business today.

What’s Total Print Management PTY LTD?

total-print-logoNo printer can do it all? – well we can with the support of so many good suppliers. We don’t like saying no to a job hence why we started a company to support our clients – we have setup service level agreements to ensure the jobs we can’t do at Commerce Press we can do through our print support arm.

We are totally independent. We partner with best in class accredited suppliers across Australia, covering the whole print supply chain. We ensure our customers are receiving an integrated, quality and cost effective solution.

Utilising one of the largest supplier bases in Australia, your job will be tendered and the most cost effective solution will be found. These savings are passed directly on to you, the customer.

Time savings: You can always be assured your job will be completed in industry best turnaround times. We have suppliers from all over Australia, so to cut shipping time and cost, we can have your job produced in the same city as its destination.

Commerce Leadership team

Peter Walsh – General Director
Mark Willmore – General Manager
Oliver Johnston – Sales/Production


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Commerce Press Banking Detail

Bank: Bank Westpac
BSB: 033 047
Account Name: Total Print Management
Account Number: 679189


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We believe the customer is always right, and that the best results are achieved as a team. So we listen and work with you to provide the best print solutions, based on your ideas.

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